Edward is a construction supervisor for a large construction company in Central and Eastern Canada that specializes in all areas of heavy civil construction, with an uncompromising commitment to health and safety.  Under his direction detailed safety plans are created for each project on which his crews and sub-contractors work.  Each day begins with a tailgate or toolbox meeting in which he and his crew plan how to safely perform the tasks scheduled for that day.  A critical component of these safety plans is the ability to communicate with all members of his crew and sub-contractors on site.


Edward’s most recent project was the construction of 12-storey building.  Throughout the project, members of his crew and hired sub-contractors were often working high in the air, surrounded by steel and concrete that interfered with their normal VHF radio communications.  Knowing the location of his crew is critical; and, if any aspect of the safety plan had to be executed, communication with all site personnel was essential.  He needed a communication solution that could be easily implemented; that could be utilized by all members of the crew and hired sub-contractors; and that could be managed at the construction site.


Edwards’s search led him to EmergencyQ (EmQ), a bi-directional emergency management software service that can contact staff via text, telephone and email with a single message.  With EmQ, Edwards was able to send an emergency alert message to all personnel as a text, email or voice call, which his crew and sub-contractors could reply to by merely typing yes or no to indicate receipt.  EmQ sends, receives and records all messages and responses, avoiding unnecessary back and forth communications allowing both management and personnel to focus on the task at hand.  EmQ also allowed Edward to create pre-written messages that he could transmit quickly in the event of an emergency. 

emergency communications in construction

Edward also required a communication system that relied on technology which his crew and sub-contractors were already familiar with, assuring ease of use.  Edward described using EmQ as “easy and intuitive”.  To use it, he sent a single message that was transmitted to his crew and sub-contractors via text, phone call and email; site personnel responded with yes or no responses; and, Edward was able to see who responded and when.  He was even able to use it to remain in touch with the site if he had to leave for any reason, giving him peace of mind as well as the ability to communicate.  The availability of long- and short-term contracts ensured that the service could be tailored to the duration of the construction project. 


Perhaps, more importantly, Edward was also able to add and remove sub-contractors to his contact list as needed.  As the project progressed and different sub-contractors became part of the onsite personnel, Edward was able to add them to his contact list, ensuring that all personnel on site could receive important information.


EmQ provided Edward with a communication solution that utilized technology already in the hands of his crew, technology that they were already trained in using; simplified and organized the communications necessary for safety and emergency planning; and, provided records of those communication after the fact.

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