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FireQ Feature List - karen

Multiple Communication Channels

Receive station text alerts, phone calls, push notifications and phone calls directly from dispatch. Unlike most firefighter communication systems, FireQ send a true-type SMS text message.

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Firefighter Statistics

Simplify firefighter personnel management by tracking hours of service, incident and training attendance, service awards, certificates acquired, and equipment issued.

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Asset & Hazard Mapping

Track water sources, other assets, and hazards in your community. Easily share the data with neighbouring departments with our fire department mapping software. This data is available both in app and desktop software.

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Incident Reporting

Automatic creation of incident reports and responder population. Compatibility with Fire Marshall reporting requirements are available for some jurisdictions.

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Customized Message Groups

Create customized communication groups for more targeted communications. Groups within a fire department with their own unique codes can also be paged through PageQ as a separate group.

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Message Scheduling and Bulletins

Messages and bulletins can be scheduled to be released on a day and time of your selection. A digital bulletin board in the FireQ Notification Center lets you post important notices. The information is sent to firefighters via push notification and text and appears in the dashboard until an expiry date you set.

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Multiple channels of communication for internal firefighter communication notification that includes member-to-member messaging and group customization.

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Family Notification

Firefighters can select up to two recipients to receive a courtesy message via email to notify which members of the fire department are responding to an emergency.

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FireQ Notification Center

Like the dashboard in your car that displays data the driver needs, the Q-Board places fire department information that firefighters need in one place. It presents fire department data visually making it easy to read and assess.

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Benchmarks help firefighters assess and record the situational points on the fireground. The FireQ system includes some common benchmarks, as well as the ability to create custom benchmarks.

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Apparatus Service Status

Quickly and easily mark an apparatus out of service when it is not available. Apparatus service status can be monitored from the FireQ app and from the Q-Board within the FireQ software.

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Responders on the Map

Responders-on-the-map (ROM) is a feature of the FireQ mapping module. ROM shows firefighter locations on the incident map, supporting safety and accountability. Firefighters and their movements appear on the map ONLY during a live incident and ONLY AFTER they have signaled their intent to respond. Firefighters can choose when they appear on the map or the can choose to opt out entirely.

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