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"We were dispatched to an ATV accident that started a grass fire. Due to the location, dispatch was unable to get accurate directions; but because the call came from a cell phone, FireQ was able to plot the location on the map. Dispatch was surprised when I told them we had the location. FireQ worked great!"

David Sabirsh – Fire Chief Fort Qu’Appelle Fire

Platoon Chief Brian McDonald – Moncton Fire

“We are new to FireQ, and we were impressed right from the get-go. Their app and software are such an improvement on our previous “responding” app from a competitor. It has made all of our out-dated, elaborate, and intensive spreadsheets and process streamlined and efficient. The data is working for us, and not the other way around. Working with Ian and his team is great! They are very helpful, fast friendly, and open to ideas!"

Corey Gallant – Assistant deputy Chief Saint-Paul Fire Department

The ability for our members to receive notifications vis their mobile devices is one of the biggest advancements I have seen in my 34-year fire service career…because it allows members to respond to the public’s needs quickly…the one firefighter that receives a message on their mobile device via FireQ may be the one to get that truck moving, makes up the boat team, or may be the one who finds the child in the smoke.

Jody Price – Fire Chief Oromocto Fire

The FireQ administration is constantly revising and fine tuning the program to meet the requirements of an ever-changing fire service. They listen to the ideas of firefighters and try their best to incorporate these ideas into making our jobs as chiefs, officers, and firefighters a little bit easier. The pressures that come with the position of chief can sometimes be overwhelming, but knowing our department is running FireQ-RVS takes some of the anxiety away. The self paging features, incident creation features and just being able to notify all my membership instantly, makes it easier to sleep when storms are forecast, or unexpected power outages darken our community. The mapping features now give us information we have never had access to in the past and its all at your fingertips. I don't have enough time or enough words to tell you about all the amazing parts of this program, for that, you will just have to find out for yourself. From my own experience, I can honestly say, you won't be disappointed."

John Chant – Fire Chief Glace Bay Fire

As Chief of a volunteer fire dept the FireQ
system gives me the advantage of resources at my fingertips, from the members that are responding, to texts of what and where the emergency is, as well as mapping of the area and the hazards that I may facing. And, add to all this great information, it can be set up to track my equipment."

Jim Prince – Fire Chief Howie Center Fire & Chair of the Cape Breton Regional Fire Chiefs Association

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At Breton SmarTek we pride ourselves on serving those who serve our communities.  Created by emergency responders for emergency personnel, Breton SmarTek provides emergency communications software systems for a variety of industries and institutions across North America. 

Our applications are designed for local level emergencies and can be customized to meet organizational reporting needs as well as local and regional government requirementsBreton SmarTek takes pride in providing customers with unparalleled customer support for our software applications. Please visit the support center or contact us directly with any questions you may have.

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