In New Brunswick, fire departments are legislatively required to complete an incident report for each emergency to which they respond. With FireQ, that incident report can be sent directly to Office of the Fire Marshal.

FIRS fire incident reporting new brunswick

The Fire Incident Response System (FIRS) is the mechanism they use to meet this obligation.  The FIRS reporting interface is old and cumbersome and, as such, was/is a challenge for fire departments (  We worked with the NB Office of the Fire Marshal to make it easier to submit those reports directly from the FireQ software.  An exact duplicate of the template used within FIRS was created for NB departments.  The template within FireQ is:

  • Much easier to navigate than the current system
  • More easily accessed than the current system
  • Can be submitted directly to the Office of the Fire Marshal with a single click from the FireQ software

Future benefits of the FIRS integration in New Brunswick include the receiving of emergency dispatch information directly from dispatch in which start, end and roll times (as well as other information) can be auto-populated. Please contact us if you have any questions.

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