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fire departments covid-19

How You Can Use Your FireQ During the Covid-19 Pandemic

These are challenging times. The communities you protect are self-isolating and practicing physical distancing. Many people who count on the fire service, as well as many firefighters themselves, are feeling stressed and disconnected.
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covid-19 long term care emergency planning

Pandemic Planning and Preparedness for Long-Term Care

As people across Canada attempt to navigate the Covid-19 maze, provincial health authorities moved to the increase protections for the vulnerable residents living in long-term care.
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construction safety communications

Construction Safety and Communications

Edward is a construction supervisor for a large construction company in Central and Eastern Canada that specializes in all areas of heavy civil construction, with an uncompromising commitment to health and safety.
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To know a Firefighter

To watch a firefighter at work is to witness courage, strength and dedication. They respond to fires, car accidents, flooding, technical rescues, water rescues, animals through the ice and cats in trees.
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The Fire Chief’s Favourite FireQ Feature: Firefighter Statistics

The life of a Fire Chief is no small or easy thing. The very nature of the job they do is defined by things that, at a glance, seem incompatible. They have to be stern and approachable; they have to be consistent and flexible; and, they have to be strong and gentle.
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Benefitting from the Experience of Ground Search and Rescue Personnel

Stories of the elderly dementia patient who wandered away from home, or the child lost in the woods are all too common. Images of searchers working vast areas, grid by grid, looking for clues, evidence and any sign of the missing are also very common.
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At Breton SmarTek we pride ourselves on serving those who serve our communities.  Created by emergency responders for emergency personnel, Breton SmarTek provides emergency communications software systems for a variety of industries and institutions across North America. Our applications are designed for local level emergencies and can be customized to meet organizational reporting needs as well as local and regional government requirements.  Breton SmarTek takes pride in providing customers with unparalleled customer support for our software applications Please visit the support center or contact us directly with any questions you may have.

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