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Why is “Fire Department Management” Making Firefighters Grumpy & What FireQ is Doing About It

Firefighters are routinely being asked to do more less and often without thanks. Increasing administrative burdens are making them feel grumpy and unappreciated. Learn how FireQ is taking some of the grumpy out of paperwork.
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A FireQ Overview: FireQ is Not Like Everyone Else

FireQ is an all-in-one solution that is different from most other products currently on the market.
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Selecting Fire Department Software

This administrative burden of fire department management is growing, particularly for community-based fire departments that are often staffed by volunteers and lack the budget to use many of the available records management software.
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Firefighter speaking on radio on scene

Firefighters Need Pagers & PageQ

Sometimes pagers get a bad rap. They are limited in range. They provide one-way communication only. They are often considered to be old technology.
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FireQ benchmarks

Benchmarking Measuring Success

Your FireQ system now contains benchmarking to help firefighters assess and record the situational points on the fireground.
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The FireQ Difference

FireQ is an all-in-one solution that is different from most other products currently on the market.
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Dispatch: All the Ways to Get Those Alerts

Every firefighter knows the frustration of pager limitations and the challenges of getting emergency dispatch alerts
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New FireQ Feature Responders on the Map & More

Technologically speaking, few things engage firefighters like mapping and the information those maps can provide.
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The FireQ App for iPhone Just Keeps Getting Better and Better

Wondering how it could get any better? The latest release for iPhone includes some juicy new features, so hold onto your hat
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long term care communication covid

Communicating Comfort with CareQ in the Second Wave

The second wave is here. Covid cases, along with stress and worry, are rising again. In those worries, however, there is a paper-thin sliver of a silver lining.
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Why It Is Not Enough Just to Make Safety Pre-plans

Creating safety pre-plans is a powerful tool in the public safety toolbox. Ensuring firefighters have quick and ready access to them is equally important.
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Hand Gestures to Maximize your Mapping Experience

FireQ mapping features provide potent information to firefighters. Knowing more about gesture controls will help you to get more out of the maps on the FireQ app.
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Flu Season and Family Communication for Long-Term Care Facilities

Long before Covid-19, the month of October would have long-term care facilities managing multiple building closures due to influenza.
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The Dollars and “Sense” of CareQ

Emergency communication systems, like CareQ, make communication with staff and families faster and more efficient. A single message can be sent to unlimited recipients simultaneously.
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pandemic communications long term care

Getting Creative with CareQ and Pandemic Communications

At a time when their duties were increasing and the most common tasks took much longer to perform, staff in long-term care facilities dug a little deeper and found a little more to give.
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Fire Department Pre-plan Software,
Pre-plans in the Palm of Your Hand

FireQ allows firefighters to upload pre-plans to the FireQ fire department pre plan software, so that they are always visible and available to firefighters.
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FIRS & FireQ – New Brunswick Fire Incident Reporting System Integration

In New Brunswick, fire departments are legislatively required to complete an incident report for each emergency to which they respond.
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Long-Term Care Facility Weekly Update PDF Template

Use this free template to communicate updates both internally and externally.
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How You Can Use Your FireQ During the Covid-19 Pandemic

These are challenging times. The communities you protect are self-isolating and practicing physical distancing. Many people who count on the fire service, as well as many firefighters themselves, are feeling stressed and disconnected.
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Pandemic Planning and Preparedness for Long-Term Care

As people across Canada attempt to navigate the Covid-19 maze, provincial health authorities moved to the increase protections for the vulnerable residents living in long-term care.
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Construction Safety and Communications

Edward is a construction supervisor for a large construction company in Central and Eastern Canada that specializes in all areas of heavy civil construction, with an uncompromising commitment to health and safety.
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Firefightere reaching to grab a person's hand

To know a Firefighter

To watch a firefighter at work is to witness courage, strength and dedication. They respond to fires, car accidents, flooding, technical rescues, water rescues, animals through the ice and cats in trees.
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The Fire Chief’s Favourite FireQ Feature: Firefighter Statistics

The life of a Fire Chief is no small or easy thing. The very nature of the job they do is defined by things that, at a glance, seem incompatible. They have to be stern and approachable; they have to be consistent and flexible; and, they have to be strong and gentle.
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Helicopter flying over mountain ridge

Benefitting from the Experience of Ground Search and Rescue Personnel

Stories of the elderly dementia patient who wandered away from home, or the child lost in the woods are all too common. Images of searchers working vast areas, grid by grid, looking for clues, evidence and any sign of the missing are also very common.
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