Covid Makes for Challenging Times

These are challenging times.  The communities you protect are self-isolating and practicing physical distancing.  Many people who count on the fire service, as well as many firefighters themselves, are feeling stressed and disconnected. 

These are fluid times. Information is being updated by the day and by the hour. Ensuring that critical information from reliable sources is shared has become more time-consuming and more challenging.

These are unprecedented times. Fire stations are closing to the public as new directives and protocols are received to ensure uninterrupted service. Regular meetings and training are on hold as firefighters themselves also practice social distance. Covid is changing the way fire departments must operate. Communication protocols are evolving rapidly to serve the new reality. 

FireQ Messaging Options

The FireQ fire department software provides a number of layered messaging options that can be used to help departments keep firefighters informed, up-to-date and connected:

1) Bulletins can be sent to firefighters with the latest information, including such things as changing protocols and procedures. Bulletins are pinned to the Notification Center and firefighters receive both a text message (ensuring that people with non-smartphones still get the message), a push notification and an email.
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2) Department messaging, available through the FireQ app, provides firefighters with off-channel communication options while still practicing physical distancing. It can be used to share information, to check in with fellow firefighters, and to stay connected. Firefighters have options to message, everyone, specific groups or individual firefighters.  Officers and incident commanders, for example, can remain in daily contact as they monitor operational strength and readiness.

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3) Firefighters who are not feeling well and are self-isolating, as well as those on mandatory quarantine, can use the FireQ app to mark themselves off-duty. Firefighters report off from home ensuring that physical distancing and self-isolation requirements are met; and, at the same time, FireQ can be used to keep fellow firefighters up to date on who is off duty, as well as when they are scheduled to return. Officers and incident commanders can also use this information as they review operational strength.

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The challenges of Covid-19 are many and ever-changing.  Communities are on edge; extraordinary measures are being taken to ensure the health of emergency responders; and the unknown brings added chaos and worry.  And, these challenges must be managed in the new reality of physical distancing and self-isolation.  The team at FireQ is here to support you in whatever way we can and by offering short, no-charge online training sessions to help fire departments become more familiar with the tools FireQ offers.  We can be reached by phone at 888-600-7122 or by email at Stay safe and be well.

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