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Emergency Management Software

EmQ is an emergency management software application helps organizations and institutions before, during, and after an emergency by providing a suite of software tools for emergency communication, emergency planning, emergency response, and emergency reporting.

EmQ Helps You

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In an emergency, the top priority is communication with those who are needed to bring the crisis under control. The EmQ emergency planning software makes it easy to prepare with always up-to-date personnel lists that are segmented into expertise, geographic location and preferred contact method. The EmQ emergency planning software makes it easy to be ready in the event of an emergency – so that responders can focus on the crisis itself rather than making calls.

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Reaching off-duty trained personnel to provide aid in the event of an emergency is critical. With the EmQ emergency response software, managers can send an emergency notification to all personnel as a text, email and voice call, which staff can reply to by merely typing yes or no to indicate their ability to provide emergency support. The EmQ emergency notification software sends, receives and records all messages and responses, avoiding unnecessary back and forth communications allowing both management and emergency personnel to focus on the task at hand.

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The EmQ emergency reporting software reduces the administrative burden with the ability to easily generate reporting documents – so that emergency teams can spend less time reporting and more time on emergency incident management. Teams can also use the data generated by the EmQ emergency management software to evaluate what went well and how they can improve during future events.

How the EmQ Emergency Management Software Helps Response Teams
For the first time, emergency notification systems for business, industrial & institutional emergency response teams are being created with the input of emergency first responders.

First responders are most often thought of as firefighters, police officers, and paramedics. Many organizations, however, have trained emergency response teams who are prepared specifically, for the organization they serve and its specific needs in regards to emergency management and emergency response – like airport authorities, construction companies, EMOs, mining outfits and manufacturers to name a few.

These organizations, and many others, have emergency response plans that detail what they would do in the event of an emergency. The EmQ emergency communication software serves these organizations before, during and after an emergency.

EmQ Supports

Industrial Facilities


Construction & Trades

Mining Operations

Oil & Gas Operations

Hotels & Resorts



Schools & Universities


EmQ - Case Study

North American Airport

Emergency management software solution for one of the largest airports in Atlantic Canada.

During emergency response events, Everyone can focus on the emergency at hand, their particular role as well as arriving safely versus making phone calls and returning messages.

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At Breton SmarTek we pride ourselves on serving those who serve our communities.  Created by emergency responders for emergency personnel, Breton SmarTek provides emergency communications software systems for a variety of industries and institutions across North America. Our applications are designed for local level emergencies and can be customized to meet organizational reporting needs as well as local and regional government requirements.  Breton SmarTek takes pride in providing customers with unparalleled customer support for our software applications Please visit the support center or contact us directly with any questions you may have.

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