No one knows better what a firefighter needs than a firefighter. Since 2013, FireQ has been listening to firefighters about what they need their technology to deliver and has been putting critical information in the hands of firefighters. Firefighters use the FireQ app to:

  • Receive dispatch and page relay alerts via text, phone call, push notification and/or email.
  • Respond, with an estimated time of arrival and firefighter qualifications, to an emergency.
  • See a complete list of responders.
  • Access mapping information and driving directions of emergency locations.
  • View safety pre-plans that exist for buildings near the site of an emergency.
  • Communicate off-channel.

Wondering how it could get any better? The latest release for iPhone includes some juicy new features, so hold onto your hat!



First, we worked with Apple to by-pass the “do not disturb” setting for critical alerts. Firefighters can choose to allow FireQ alerts to bypass “do not disturb” or not.

We have also included badge numbers…you know, those little circled numbers on the app icons that tell you how many “new things” there are.

And, finally, we have added the ability to respond from the notification actions. Those are those little messages available as a pull-down from the top of the screen. This also means that, if you have an Apple watch, you can respond from it too.

When firefighters ask for more, we believe it is our mission to deliver more because they (more than anyone else) know what they need.

Firefighters deserve more. FireQ gives them more.

Welcome to FireQ

Created by firefighters for firefighters, FireQ provides emergency communication and records management software to fire departments across North America. Learn more by clicking below.

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