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Fire Department Page Capture & Dispatch Relay

PageQ is a component of the FireQ fire department management solution, one that provides firefighters with tools they can employ from the alert stage of an emergency; to the response; to the reporting. In other words, a single solution that serves firefighters from the beginning of an emergency to the end.

Multiple Dispatch Relay Options Available

Instant Notification, Instant Response





How PageQ DIspatch Relay Helps Fire Departments

As the chief of your fire department, you’ve built redundancy into all the tasks and procedures that guide your operations... Except for how you alert your first responders about an emergency.

You rely on VHF pagers, which are limited in range and often forgotten at home. Plus, they’re one-way only, which means you can’t signal that you’re on your way.

FireQ offers you complete redundancy by simultaneously relaying your incident information to firefighters by text, phone, email, and push notifications. FireQ was designed to adapt to the specific needs and resources of every fire department, whether your department does its own dispatching or you’re dispatched directly from CAD

But what if your dispatcher’s CAD system transmits information by radio only FireQ has your back with PageQ – our tone detection page record and relay solution. When a page is dispatched to your department, PageQ captures, processes and records it, then sends it to your firefighters within the FireQ app, as well as by text, phone and email. FireQ offers more communication paths because each additional communication channel ensures successful delivery, which increases turnout.

Once they’ve received the incident details, firefighters can signal their intent to respond using the same app or the same device where they received the emergency alert.

  • PageQ Is easy to install,
  • and doesn’t require any specialized equipment

After 20+ years of working as a volunteer firefighter and fire captain, I knew there must be a better solution than pagers and spreadsheets to manage my department. When we couldn’t find a solution, we decided to build our own. 

– Ian McVicar, CEO, Breton SmarTek

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At Breton SmarTek we pride ourselves on serving those who serve our communities.  Created by emergency responders for emergency personnel, Breton SmarTek provides emergency communications software systems for a variety of industries and institutions across North America. Our applications are designed for local level emergencies and can be customized to meet organizational reporting needs as well as local and regional government requirements.  Breton SmarTek takes pride in providing customers with unparalleled customer support for our software applications Please visit the support center or contact us directly with any questions you may have.

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