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Dispatch Options


No matter how you are dispatched, FireQ has an option to provide dispatch alerts via text (true-type), phone call, in-app notifications, and email. 

Providing redundancy to the ways firefighter receive emergency alerts is a critical component of the FireQ system.  Ensuring that redundancy for all fire departments, regardless of how they are dispatched, was equally important so FireQ provides multiple dispatch options. 

Direct from CAD Supported Dispatch

FireQ supports email and API integration for the CAD systems used by dispatch. Firefighters still receive the primary alert via their pagers. Integration with FireQ ensures the CAD message created by operators is configured to send critical information to firefighters via text, voice, app, and email alerts. This information can include incident details and mapping information. 

Direct from Non-CAD Supported Dispatch

The FireQ Dispatch Module is available to any dispatch center not using a CAD system with the ability to send a secure email. The module is offered at no charge to any dispatch center serving a fire department that uses FireQ.  The dispatch module is easy to access and easy to use.  As always, firefighters still receive their primary alert via pager and the FireQ dispatch module sends firefighters text, voice, app, and email alerts.  Firefighters receive information that include incident and mapping information.

FireQ self-dispatch

Page Relay (PageQ)

For fire departments that do not have the support of a dispatch center, FireQ provides a page record and relay solution.

FireQ can include PageQ, an application that allows the fire department to capture and record page information at the station level.  The recorded information is processed and sent to firefighters via text, voice, app, and email alerts.  Then, unlike some page relay options, firefighters can signal their intent to respond to an emergency, using the same app or the same device by which they received the information.  Additionally, PageQ captures and processes raw audio differently than other page relay products, making it more efficient.  This can often be beneficial for fire departments with slower internet speeds.

Department Self-Dispatch Options

Department self-dispatch options are the final tool in the FireQ dispatch tool box and are designed, specifically, to give fire departments a way to self-manage dispatch alerts.

If the pager fails, and the direct from dispatch alerts fail, and page relays fail, or if more information should be shared…firefighters can dispatch the department from the FireQ app and/or the FireQ software.  Firefighters can dispatch the entire department or specific groups.  When all else fails, the fire department has the ability to communicate emergency information and dispatch their firefighters.

FireQ self-dispatch

The FireQ re-page option allows firefighters to re-send an original page by tapping a single button. 

Fire departments can also create an original dispatch.  From the FireQ software, firefighters can enter address, incident type and incident description that can be sent to firefighters via text, phone, app notification and/or email.  Address information sends mapping information to the smart phones of firefighters.

From the FireQ app, firefighters have two options: 

  1. General Dispatch: A one-button solution that sends an alert to firefighters advising them to report the fire station for an ongoing emergency.   
  1. Manual Dispatch: Alternatively, fire departments can also self-dispatch firefighters by entering address/coordinates, incident type, and incident description.  Firefighters also have the choice of dispatching the entire department or specific groups within the department.

Department self-dispatch options also allow firefighters to update scene information at any time, regardless of how they are dispatched.  It is important to note that firefighters using self-dispatch options must have the proper permissions assigned to them to access this feature.  Permissions are assigned to firefighters from the FireQ software. 

FireQ self-dispatch mobile screenshot

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