As people across Canada attempt to navigate the Covid-19 maze, provincial health authorities moved to the increase protections for the vulnerable residents living in long-term care.

Such facilities house some of society’s most vulnerable people who are often older, frailer and suffer from chronic conditions.  Several provincial authorities across Canada are advising long-term care facilities to begin screening staff, volunteer and visitors for Covid-19.  Currently, this includes proactively checking all staff, volunteer, visitors and residents for symptoms of Covid-19, as well as inquiring about recent travel history and contacts. 

The situation surrounding Covid-19 is fluid and information updates are frequent.  Cutting through the fear generated by news of the novel virus is critical to managing the situation.  At a time when staff have an increasing workload, keeping family members updated becomes more challenging. 

Long-term care facilities using the CareQ long term care software for their communication needs can contact family members quickly and efficiently.  Family members receive updates via text, phone and/or email, depending on their individual preferences.  Messages are sent from a single platform to all family members at the same time. 

pandemic planning long term care software

Administrators have a time/date stamped record of all communications.  Additionally, for a limited time during which Covid-19 restrictions are in place within care facilities, CareQ will engage two-way communication on family contact lists.  This means that administrators can ask contacts to reply to each message with confirmation that they have received it which will help administrators to know what messages may have to be repeated.

Being able to track information being shared, as well as when it is received, is invaluable as care facilities look at preparedness.  Being able to communicate more quickly and efficiently frees resources to focus on other areas of emergency preparedness and planning.  Sharing important information in a timely manner with the people who need it can be a potent way to mitigate fear of the unknown.  CareQ provides administrators with the tools to do this.  We are here to help!

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