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Incident Reporting

Incident reports are automatically created in FireQ. Date and time details are automatically captured. Benchmarks and firefighters who use FireQ to respond are also automatically added. Compatibility with Fire Marshall reporting requirements is available for some jurisdictions.
Attaching Files to a FireQ Incident Report
Supporting documentation, like supplementary notes and photos, can be added to the incident report.
With FireQ, firefighters can time-date stamp important milestones of an emergency response, as well as include which firefighters and which apparatus participated in each task. Fire departments can use the benchmarks included in the FireQ system or custom benchmarks can be added by the fire department. Captured benchmarks automatically appear in incident reports, providing a detailed timeline of fire ground activities.
FireQ Benchmarks on the Incident Report
FireQ pending reports list
FireQ also provides you with a list of pending reports. These are reports that have been created but not been completed.

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