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How It Helps

CareQ helps by making communicating faster and easier.  Annual testing of emergency communications for licensing requirements can be done in minutes, instead of hours.


Facility administrators have time-date stamped reports of communications.  Reporting includes:

  • The content of the message
  • How it was sent and when it was sent
  • To whom it was sent
  • Responses to the message, as well as estimated time of arrival to the facility (if asked for in an emergency message)

Emergency messages that have been sent with a response required show administrators, at a glance, the content of the message; a running total of the texts, calls and emails that were sent; time-date stamped responses to the messages; and an estimated time of arrival.

Transaction logs of each message sent are available quickly and easily.  Each message sent has a transaction log that allows administrators to see message content and responses.

Demo Request

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