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Non Emergency Communication

CareQ can also be used to send staff and family members informational messages.  Like emergency messages, they can be written on the fly or can be created in advance and saved.  Informational messages can be sent to:

  • All staff.
  • Family members
  • Designated caregivers.
  • Community partners
  • Specific groups customized at the facility level.

Informational messages can also be pre-written.  With pre-written messages, care facilities can craft communications in advance.  They are most often used for reminders about regularly occurring events like staff meetings.

Group Messages 

Users can send messages to custom groups that are created at the facility level.  Group members can be selected from staff, family contacts, designated caregivers, and community partners.  Common groups include such people as:

  • Management team.
  • Board of directors.
  • Staff and families from a particular neighbourhood.
  • All nursing staff.
  • All facility maintenance staff.

Groups allow users to send information to the correct people and the exact number of people, saving both time and money.

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